2014 USENIX Vail Computer Elements Workshop

The USENIX Vail Computer Elements Workshop is a unique four day workshop that has been around for 43 years serving leading architects of the computer industry. This intentionally small workshop is intended to allow a lively interaction between the participants and the speakers. The agenda is 100% invited technical talks and the audience is mostly previous speakers. Past keynotes have been Seymour Cray, Gordon Moore, Burton Smith, and Ivan Sutherland.

This year marks the 44 year of the workshop. The workshop will be held June 22-25, 2014 at the Christiania at Vail, with the theme Possible Futures. The keynote will be by Robin D. Hanson on Prediction Markets - Giving the Truth Orientation of Engineers to Everyone Else. Robin Hanson is an associate professor of economics at George Mason University, a research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University, and chief scientist at Consensus Point. Robin has pioneered prediction markets, also known as information markets or idea futures, since 1988. He was the first to write in detail about people creating and subsidizing markets in order to gain better estimates on those topics.

Registration is open.

The Program Chair is Mark S. Miller. This year's sessions are:

Processors Yahya Sotoudeh and Pete Wilson
Wireless and Networking Ed Callaway and Don Banks
Imaging and Signal Processing Hirofumi Sumi and Makoto Ikeda
Consumer Electronics Atsushi Hasegawa and Yoshio Masubuchi
Security Joe Politz and Dean Sutherland
Concurrency in Software Brian Hirano and Jan Medved

The preliminary list of talks (subject to change) includes:

Mieszko Lis
Heterogeneous Computing
Roy Ju
XBox One: Next Gen Gaming Processor
Sebastien Nussbaum
Freescale's AIOP
Brian Kahne
Wireless IP and Embedded MCU Architectures
David Flynn
Risks and Rewards in Networking-Centric Programming Languages
Jon Rossie
Scale-out High Performance Computing with Managed Clusters
Landon Noll
Imaging technologies
Eric Fossum
Highlights of the Imaging world
Boyd Fowler

120-fps 33-million pixels CMOS image sensors and cameras for full-spec UHDTV-2(8K) video system

Hiroshi Shimamoto
Image sensors & System
Makoto Ikeda
Dependable VLSI and communication for Robotics and realtime mission
Nobuyuki Yamazaki
Programming and Securing Software Defined Networks
Arjun Guha
Scott Moore
Derek Collison
Jim Larson
Resilient & Petascale X10
David Cunningham


The workshop has been held since 1974 and some of the past workshops are available online.

The executive committee can be found here.