2015 USENIX Vail Computer Elements Workshop

The USENIX Vail Computer Elements Workshop is a unique four day workshop that has been around for 44 years serving leading architects of the computer industry. This intentionally small workshop is intended to allow a lively interaction between the participants and the speakers. The agenda is 100% invited technical talks and the audience is mostly previous speakers. Past keynotes have been Seymour Cray, Gordon Moore, Burton Smith, and Ivan Sutherland.

This year marks the 45 year of the workshop. The workshop will be held June 28 - July 1, 2015 at the Christiania at Vail. The keynote will be by Whitfield Diffie on the Technology of Security

The Program Chair is Mark S. Miller. This year's sessions are:

Processor Technology Pete Wilson and David Flynn
Technology and the Surveillance State Mark Miller and Arjun Guha
Capability Systems Scott Moore and Dean Sutherland
Machine Learning / Probabilistic Computing David Cunningham and Sebastien Nussbaum
Consumer Technology Atsushi Hasegawa and Yoshio Masubuchis
Storage Class Memory Jay Fleischman and Yahya Sotoudeh
Big Data Jim Larson and James Hughes


The workshop is "all inclusive". The workshop fee covers the event, housing and all food from dinner Sunday through lunch Wednesday. Fees will be:

  Early Late
Usenix Members $950 $1,050
Non-members $1,050 $1,150

Registration will open May 1st.


The workshop has been held since 1974 and some of the past workshops are available online.

The executive committee can be found here.