VCEW 2021 Program

Here's the program for VCEW 2021. There’s a downloadable .pdf of the program as well.

The Virtual Workshop will be done via Zoom.

Registered attendees will get emailed appropriate links before the Workshop starts.

VCEW 2021 Program

June 20-23, 2021 Virtual and the Christiania, Vail

Program Chair: Don Soltis, IntelProgram Co-Chair: Brian Hirano, Micron

Sunday June 20

All times are in Mountain Daylight TZ

5:00 pm Local attendees: Registration and Reception TBA

6:30 pm Local attendees: Dinner TBA

8:30 pm Keynote: Robert Hormuth, AMD

Abstract: In the Future 4 Worlds of the IT industry there are 2 major unknown questions that could shape the landscape for technology, innovation, and the market for decades to come. In this talk we will explore 4 possible worlds of the future; how we would get there, how the players will react, and who wins and loses in each outcome.

Monday June 21

8:00 am Local attendees: Breakfast

9:00 am Welcome

Session 1 Processors – Chair: Edmund Gieske

9:15 am Cezanne APU, Sonu Arora, AMD

9:45 am GPU, Mike Mantor, AMD

10:15 am POWER10 Server Processor, Brian Tompto, IBM

10:45 am Building future European Processors, John Davis, Barcelona Supercomputer Center

Breakout Session

11:30 am Processors, Consumer Electronics, I/O Interconnect, Security, Software, Memory12:00 pm Lunch

Session 2 I/O Interconnect – Chair: Yahya Sotoudeh, Intel

1:30 pm CXL, Debendra Das Sharma, Intel

2:00 pm Luminous Si-Photonics, Dave Baker

2:30 pm I/O INCEPTION: Bringing the World of Interconnects into the Package, Gabe Loh, AMD Consumer Electronics – Chair: Yoshio Masubuchi, Kioxia

3:00 pm Fugaku Supercomputer, Dr. Matsuhisa Sato, Riken

5:00 pm Local attendees: Reception

6:30 pm Local attendees: Dinner at Lancelot

Tuesday June 22

8:00 am Breakfast

Session 3 Memory – Chair: Michael Allen, ARM

9:00 am Architecture Support for Persistent Storage, William Wang, ARM

9:30 am Error Correction vs. Error Detection in DRAM Functional Safety, Steffen Buch, Micron Security – Chair: Amy Santoni, Intel

10:00 am Post-Quantum Cryptography Competition, Dustin Moody, NIST

10:30 am Fully Homomorphic Encryption Work with DARPA, Rosario Cammarota, Intel

11:00 am Glitching Attacks, David Hulton, Micron

Breakout Session

11:30 am Processors, Consumer Electronics, I/O Interconnect, Security, Software, Memory

12:00 pm Attendee photo (screenshot video tiles)

12:10 pm Lunch

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm Free time to enjoy Vail

4:00 pm Planning session for VCEW 2022

5:00 pm Local attendees: Reception

6:30 pm Local attendees: Dinner at Left Bank

Wednesday June 23

8:00 am Breakfast

Session 4 Software - Chair: Brian Hirano, Micron

9:00 am When Memory Meets ML on Social Network Platforms, Hsien-Hsin Sean Lee, Facebook

9:30 am MLCommons, David Kanter, MLCommons

10:30 am Protocol/Flat Buffers – Low Latency/Efficient Data Transport, Brian Hirano, Micron

11:00 am MemVerge (Memory Virtualization), Charles Fan, MemVerge

11:30 am Closing


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