VCEW 2020 Details - June 22 & 23

vVCEW - a Virtual Workshop

This year’s VCEW was virtual and took place Monday June 22 and Tuesday June 23.

Thanks to all who attended!

We recorded 9 presentations. These will be available for a limited time to registered attendees.



All times are Pacific Daylight TZ

Monday June 22

7:45am - Join, Intro


8:00am - Whitfield Diffie: The Lessons of 20th Century Cryptography


9:00am - IBM Z15

10:00am - Samsung M5/6

11:00am - Breakout rooms for networking

12:00pm - Break

Consumer Electronics

1:00pm - Accelerating neuroscience data processing with high-speed storage


2:00pm - Risc V security architecture

3:00pm - The NIST lightweight crypto competition

Tuesday, June 23

7:45am - Join

I/O Interconnect

8:00am TeraPHY: High density Electronic-Photonic Chiplet for optical I/O from a Multi-chip module

9:00am CCIX Cache Coherent Interconnect for Emerging acceleration application

10:00am OpenCAPI 4.0

11:00am - Breakout rooms for networking

12:00pm - Break


1:00pm - TVM: An Automated End-to-End Optimizing Compiler for Deep Learning

2:00pm - MLperf


3:00pm - Hybrid Memory

(Incidentally, if you have received an invitation in prior years but have not yet received an email about VCEW 2020, please email (the Membership Secretary) with your contact info and you will be added to the list. The list is maintained on a private computing system and not shared with anyone.)

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