VCEW 2018

The 2018 workshop will be held June 24-June 27, 2018 at the Christiania at Vail, Colorado

Registration is now open: see below.


   "Accelerating the Intelligent Internet"


   Speed doesn't matter if you can't drive it: the cost of user-hostile systems 

Stephanie Rosenbaum, TecEd, Inc.

  • Stephanie Rosenbaum is CEO of TecEd, Inc., a pioneering user experience consultancy celebrating its 50th anniversary year.  An active member of ACM SIGCHI (Computer-Human Interaction), former vice-chair of ACM SIGDOC (Design of Communication), and life senior member of IEEE, she contributed an invited chapter on “The Future of Usability Evaluation” to Maturing Usability from the European COST294-MAUSE research community.  A Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, Stephanie received the STC’s 2011 Rainey Award for Excellence in Research, and was awarded an IEEE Millennium Medal in 2000. 


Sunday, June 24

Keynote, 8pm:  Stephanie Rosenbaum, “Speed Doesn’t Matter if You Can’t Drive it”. 

Monday, June 25 

Session 1: Consumer Electronics, 8:30am - 12:00pm noon

  1. Endpoint AI Chip, Renesas
  2. Near-Data Computing, Toshiba
  3. MPEG Media Transport Technologies, NTT
  4. Side Channel Attacks in the Real World, Ordo Labs

Session 2, Processors 1:30pm - 4:30pm

  1. Cavium Thunder X2 Processor, Cavium
  2. RISC-V FireSim/FireBox, UC Berkeley
  3. ARM Machine Learning Processor, ARM

Session 3: Database Technologies, 8:30pm - 10:15pm

  1. From Exabytes to Nobel prizes, CERN

Tuesday, June 26

Session 4:  Databases + Processors, 8:30pm - 12:00 noon

  1. Systems and Machine Learning, Intel
  2. BigStream, BigStream
  3. 3DIC, ProPrincipia

Planning Session:  VCEW2019, 4pm - 5:30pm 

Session 5: Accelerators, 8:00pm - 9.30pm

  1. Microsoft Brainwave: Flexible Deep-Learning Accelerator, Microsoft Research
  2. Intel’s Acceleration Stack Tool Chain for Xeon CPUs with FPGAs, Intel

Wednesday, June 27

Session 6:   Programming Languages + Internet Economy, 8:30am - 12:00pm noon

  1. Computer Architecture Considered Harmful, Kiva Design Groupe LLC
  2. Marketing for the 21st Century - Online Behavioural and Contextual Ads
  3. Enhancing Java for Persistsent Memory, Intel
  4. The NIST beacon and Public Randomness, NIST

Program Committee:

  • Chair: Brian Hirano (Oracle)
  • Co-Chair: Bill Huffman, Cadence (Tensilica)

Session chairs and Vice chairs:

  • Andy Rudoff
  • Atsushi Hasegawa, Renesas 
  • John Kelsey
  • Mike Nelson
  • Pankaj Mehra
  • Pete Wilson, Kiva Design Groupe 
  • Rich Zippel
  • Steve Fields
  • Steve Miller, Intel 
  • Yahya Sotoudeh, Intel 
  • Yoshio Masubuchi, Toshiba 

Workshop Details

Registration is now open. 

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Other Program Info

Social Hour 5.00-6.30 Sunday-Tuesday evenings in Condo AD-4

Dinner 6.30-8pm Sunday-Tuesday evenings in various restaurants

Breakfast in Sarah’s Lounge in the Christiania 7.30-9.00am

Lunch in Sarah’s Lounge in the Christiania 12.15-1.30 pam


The workshop registration is $1150 for USENIX members, $1250 for non-members. 

This includes the workshop, lodging and meals. 

The prices increase by $100 on June 11th. 

Companions sharing the room of a particpant are $495 and are welcome at all events.

Extra days before or after the workshop can be purchased for $180 per day. 

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