VCEW 2020 Details - June 22 & 23

VVCEW - a Virtual Workshop

This year’s VCEW will be virtual and will take place Monday June 22 and Tuesday June 23.

As is traditional, the Workshop will be as interactive as practical - speakers will expect interaction from the audience, and there will be a form of breakout rooms for side conversations.

There will be two sessions per day:

  • Morning:       8.00 - 11.00 PDT
  • Afternoon:   1.00 - 4.00 PDT

Plus several Breakout “Rooms” 11.00 - 12.00 PDT

Final details of how to register, cost, communications means, timing of presentations etc will follow soon.



  •   Samsung M5/6
  •   Intel Icelake Scalable Processor


  •   Accelerating neuroscience data processing with high-speed storage

I/O interconnect

  •   Intel Compute Express Link (CXL)
  •   TeraPHY: High density Electronic-Photonic Chiplet for optical I/O from a Multi-chip module
  •   CCIX Cache Coherent Interconnect for Emerging acceleration application


  • Risc V security architecture


  •   TVM or DNA Storage
  •   Log-based math
  •   MLPerf


  •   Hybrid Memory

We plan to keep folk informed by email and by updates to this site.

(Incidentally, if you have received an invitation in prior years but have not yet received an email about VCEW 2020, please email (the Membership Secretary) with your contact info and you will be added to the list. The list is maintained on a private computing system and not shared with anyone.)

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