Vail Computer Elements Workshop

VCEW Registration 2023

VCEW 2023 will be held in The Lodge in Vail Village, June 11-14, 2023.

There is one thing you can register and pay for:

    •    Late Registration

In addition, each registration is either for you alone, or for you plus someone sharing your room. You therefore see six registration links below.

If you wish to have a second person share your room, you may choose the appropriate link for One Attendee and Second Person Sharing the Room. The extra cost in these options pays for another person to share your room and their meals and attendance at VCEW Receptions.

What’s Covered

The Late Registration fees cover hotel accommodation, all meals, the VCEW receptions and the Workshop itself.

Meals include Sunday night dinner; Monday breakfast, lunch and dinner; Tuesday breakfast, lunch and dinner; and Wednesday breakfast and lunch.

There are receptions before dinner on Sunday evening, Monday evening and Tuesday evening.

Final information on places and times will be updated later.

If you have special requirements or encounter problems, please email the Membership Chair, making sure VCEW appears in the subject.

Payment Method

We are using Square to process payments. Please use the links below to register and pay.

Clicking the appropriate link will take you to a Square payment facility where you will be asked to choose a payment method and to pay. There you can choose Apple Pay, Google Pay or to pay by credit card. To pay by credit card, fill in the requested details

Registration Links

Late Registration - Register May 11 or after

VCEW 2023 - Late Registration for One Attendee Only: $3,000.00

VCEW 2023 - Late Registration for One Attendee and Second Person Sharing the Room: $4,500

The Vail Computer Elements Workshop is sponsored by VCEW in cooperation with Usenix

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